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Everything begins in the hills around Krombach. This is where our Felsquellwasser originates and only here do we brew our premium beer.

This is how the Kindelsberg tower and our Felsquellwasser became a Krombach landmark early on and can still be found on every bottle in the brewery's coat of arms. Our love for our origins extends beyond the Krombacher region.

Since the 1960s, the protection of the environment as a whole has also become an increasingly important part of our corporate culture. This is not only lived by our employees day by day but it is also brought to the public in the form of numerous nature and species protection projects. The protection and preservation of nature has been an integral part of the Krombacher brand ever since.

Each Krombacher beer enjoyed in cities around the world begins its journey here, in the area of the densely wooded hills of the low mountain range, the Rothaargebirge. Only here can you find our most valuable treasure - the Felsquellwasser from the rock spring. Of course we brew our beer in accordance with the German Purity Law and, moreover, according to our own quality standards, which are exceptionally high even for a German brewery. Visit us and learn more about it.