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In the best interests of man and nature

From the early years the Krombacher brewery adopted varying methods of sustainability. That strategy has been expanded upon over time, finely balancing the social, ecological and economic factors. Today, the brewery has a clear strategy to guide them through the constant changes that impact on the environment at local, national and global levels.

Through both thinking and acting responsibly we adopt these principles through six key areas of our business:


The German purity law is a principle we live by. We use the best natural raw materials that are skilfully turned into great beers at the hand of our master brewers.

Production process

We have reduced refuse by over 58 % in 2010; our recycling quota is currently running at 98.1 %. In 2011, we intend to reduce energy consumption by 16,500 MWh. This means that some 4,000 tons in CO2 emissions are avoided. Use of clean power and getting started in regenerative energy will continue to boost our targets.


Jointly with WWF Deutschland, since 2002, we have been involved in protecting the rain forest in Central Africa. A budget touching 4 Million Euros ensures that The Rain Forest Foundation is able to safeguard the continuity of protection measures. In 2011, we commenced our programme of long-term environmental and climate protection projects for swamp re-water logging jointly with the Federal German Environment Foundation and the WWF. Krombacher will be making a total of 2.2 Million Euros available for this.

Responsibility for staff and consumers

Over the past eight years we have created an additional 95 jobs bringing the total number of employees in Krombach to 866. We offer our team a range of benefits including health cover benefits and career development and progression.

Krombacher is a premium beer enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. We ensure our promotion, advertising and sponsorships adhere to the latest laws and codes of practice, ensuring our products are promoted responsibly to the right audiences. Our strict internal guidelines on advertising are reviewed externally by the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry.