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Bonds of our people and our origin

Passion and tradition are two core elements of our work. Without them, there would not be Krombacher as it is today.

The Krombacher Brewery was first mentioned in a document in 1803. The passion for beer is, however, much older in Krombach. At one time there were over 60 brewing facilities in the region. Over time this was reduced to five in the Siegerland area - one of them being our Krombacher Brewery in Kreuztal-Krombach.

This long tradition of brewing in the area meant the people from the region were accustomed to working with and being part of this great industry. Our heritage is what has made our organisation what it is today and an important part of that are the people and the location. We therefore believe that a Krombacher beer should, and always will, come from Krombach.

We hold the same passion for our people. Our expert team tend to join us and stay for the long term. Our investment in our people through training and development enables us to enjoy a stable workforce, who hold the same passion for the company as their forefathers. Known as “Krombachers” this team helps us to continue the great tradition of brewing beer.

Our relationship with our customers is equally as passionate. We undertake regular communication through quality surveys and market research to ensure we continue to deliver excellent products that suit the market. It is through this continuing customer focus that Krombach has earned its place on the map.