According to prevailing law the Krombacher brewery endorses a responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages. So please confirm that you are above legal drinking age in your country of residence before entering our homepage.

Are you old enough to drink alcohol?
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Social Responsibility

For responsible pleasure

Beer is a cultural asset which has been enjoyed by many millions of people over the centuries. Refining quality and ensuring consistency culminated in the 1516 Purity Law. The 1,200 German breweries that flourished in supplying high quality, natural products took their responsibility as seriously then as those that produce beer today. Production however equals consumption, and with that consumption comes personal responsibility. Through information and education of the types and strengths of beers produced consumers can make an informed decision as to the choice of product they wish to drink. Through collective guidance from government, education, parents and the media responsible drinking is achieved. The abuse of alcohol by a small minority of individuals should not negatively impact on the industry or the millions of people that take their own social responsibilities seriously.

The Krombacher Brewery supports positive campaigns highlighting the above. We also work together with the industry to champion active multi-agency co-operation in combating alcohol abuse and in working together to find solutions to address the negative impact of alcohol.

Forcefully applying existing legislation

We support all provisions that serve to observe and implement existing statutory provisions for the legal protection of children and young persons.

Provision of information

We support the provision of information for parents, children and young people, including alcohol education in school. We believe that through accurate information and education alcohol misuse and abuse can be reduced in the longer term. Our own employees and representatives receive training and guidance in these areas too.

Responsible communication

Alcohol is a quality product that requires the marketing and the selling of the product to be handled responsibly. Responsible advertising is achieved through our own strict internal guidelines as well as adhering to industry guidelines and advertising law. We adhere to The German Advertising Council regulations including the "communication for alcoholic beverages should not invite children and/or adolescents to drink alcoholic beverages nor show children and/or adolescents while drinking or inviting to drink". These voluntarily agreed upon rules of conduct have proven themselves. As a company Krombacher does not advertise its products on TV throughout the day throughout Germany. Krombacher also operates strict guidelines surrounding sponsorship and will not sponsor youth sports.