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Good for Skin, Hair and Beer

Yeast - Good for skin, hair & beer

For each of our beers we have developed a distinctive, pure culture yeast, safeguarding the unique Krombacher taste.

Yeast is a fascinating component in the production of beer. For a long period of time it was unknown that yeast cultures were responsible for the decisive fermentation process in brewing. It was by accident that this process was discovered. Around 6,000 B.C. Sumerian bread dough fermented and the inquisitive Sumerians realised the effect of yeast and invented beer brewing - quasi en passant.

However, some time was to pass by before yeast was consciously put to use. Nowadays, brewing with “random fermentation”, as used in the baking of bread, is rare as it takes too long for sufficient hop spores to freely exist in the air which gets the fermentation going. This connection does however; explain why in earlier times many bakers were also brewers.

Admittedly it was Louis Pasteur who in 1876 discovered the significance of yeast for the fermentation process - a point in time when beer brewing was already taking place in Krombach, as documented, for over 50 years.

This long brewing tradition in Krombach is accompanied by an outstanding wealth of experience in dealing with the ingredients. For each of our beers we have developed a perfect pure yeast culture in terms of flavour. We use young, powerfully fermentable yeast, cultivated in our own laboratories for one fermentation in each brew. This guarantees the same fresh taste. The bi-product from this process provides a high-grade raw material popular as an ingredient in the food and cosmetics industry.