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A Question of Quality

Malt from spring/summer barley, A question of quality

Traditional working methods are still used.

The brewing craft has century-old traditions. Along with this comes a raft of crafts, many of which still remain true to the brewing process. For example “Withering” and “kilning” are terms that are only heard today in the active vocabulary of our master brewers. These processes are key within the brewing cycle.

At the production stage, fresh, genetically unchanged, premium spring/summer barley is used. In malting - the controlled germination process sets a new course for quality. Later, the moist malt is dried in two phases, this is known as withering and kilning.

The work with these natural processes in malting requires much skill and a great deal of experience. Outstanding quality has many components - one certainly being this careful preparation of the raw materials. This is why the old brewer’s saying also applies to withering and kilning: “What the maltster neglects the brewer can no longer save”.

But, no matter whether you know the time-honoured technical terms or not, what does matter is that they stand for a result that guarantees unmistakable taste and unadulterated beer enjoyment.