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Sensitive Equipment

Our most sensitive equipment for quality assurance

We are passionate beer brewers. In accordance with the German Purity Law we use no more than the four simple ingredients: our Fellsquellwasser® ( mountain spring water), the best barley and wheat malt, fresh “Siegel” hops, (“Siegel” hops means “genuine hops certified according to the region of origin”), as well as our young fermentable yeast.

Martina Höfer, employee in Quality Assurance

"Only the best ingredients – that’s what "Pearl of Nature" means for us."

Controlling and safeguarding the highest possible quality of all the ingredients used is given top priority by us. Our buying policy and quality controls ensures that only the best raw materials are received.

That quality assurance continues throughout the process, from the brewing process to the laboratory testing. However the unique characteristics of a beer, that of taste and aroma, can only be truly tested by a master. Our quality assurance is tested by three, not one, of our master brewers to ensure the exacting standards match those expected of our premium beers, prior to bottling or transferring to cask.

Andreas Pech, Degreed Brewing Engineer
"With most modern technology we continue an ancient tradition: quality and taste."

In terms of quality and taste this ensures that the last beer in today’s crate tastes exactly like the first bottle from tomorrow’s crate.